OpenCL vstoren does not store vector in scalar array

I have the kernel as below. My question is why is vstore8 not working? When the output is printed in the host code, it only returns 0s. I put an “if(all(v == 0) == 1)” in the code to check whether the error was caused when I copy the values from int4* to int8 in v, but it was not that. It seems like vstoren is doing nothing. I am new to OpenCL so any help is appreciated.

__kernel void select_vec(__global int4 *input1,
                        __global int *input2,
                        __global int *output){

    //copy values in input arrays to vectors
    int i = get_global_id(0);
    int4 vA = input1[2*i];
    int4 vB = input1[2*i+1];
    __private int8 v = (int8)(vA.s0, vA.s1, vA.s2, vA.s3, vB.s0, vB.s1, vB.s2, vB.s3);
    __private int8 v1 = vload8(0, input2);
    __private int8 v2 = vload8(1, input2);
    int8 results;
    if(any(v > 10) == 1){
        //if there is any of the elements in v that are greater than 10
        // copy the corresponding elements from v1 for elements greater than 10
        // for elements less than or equal to 17, copy the corresponding elements from v2
        results = select(v1, v2, v > 10);
        //results is the combination of the first half of v2 and v2
        results = (int8) (v1.lo, v2.lo);
    //store results in output array
    vstore8(results, 0, output);

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