OpenCL support on Ivy Bridge / HD 4000 Macs?

I’ve read that the HD 4000 integrated GPUs in Intel’s Ivy Bridge support OpenCL, but does anyone know whether OpenCL can actually be used on the latest (Mid-2012) 13" MacBook Pro with Ivy Bridge (and without discrete graphics)?

At this point I’m exclusively interested in programming OpenCL only for educational / exploratory purposes, by the way; I don’t mind that OpenCL on the HD 4000 wouldn’t be able to keep pace with an NVIDIA card, as long as I could compile and run code.

I’d think so. I run OpenCL on my mid-2010 MBP, both on the nVidia gpu and on the cpu.

OpenCL on the CPU is no slouch. When I went from simple linear code to using Blocks and GCD, which spread the task out over the CPU cores, the throughput roughly doubled. Then when I got it working under OpenCL, it about doubled again. Definitely worth the effort. Then, when you do some day get a gpu, your work is mostly already done…

No, at least not yet. It is possible that Mountain Lion will bring with it OpenCL access to the HD 4000, but at the moment the only devices that I have accessible on my 2012 MacBook Pro are the CPU and the GT 650M (which itself is reporting only ‘2’ compute units and ‘0MHz’ clock rate - something else I hope Mountain Lion will fix).