OpenCL specification--Chinese version

Hello, everybody, do the khronos group need some other language version specification than English?

I have been working several months for translating the OpenCL specification to Chinese, and finally, I finished it. The Chinese version is based on the revision 43, and now I’m do investigation on the revision 48. :smiley:

Sorry, everybody, I forgot to give the example
I have put the example in the skydrive’s pulibc folder, you can enter follow link, and download the file.

or you can direct download it by this url

:cry: I can’t find any “edit” button for editting my post, who know how to do that? very thanks!

I had upload the integrated chinese version specification to the skydrive:

the file name is OpenCL48_CN.pdf, the link is^_CN.pdf

if any comments, please let me know, thanks!


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NOTE: currently I had only done the proof checking for the first several chapters, and may do it for other chapters if time allow in the future.

I have also uploaded it into, the link is:

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Thanks for sharing. But, there are a lot of translation mistake in your version of the spec.
Why did you have to translate it? I just think it is better that to understand it first and rewrite
it out in your own word, and I think it would more useful for others.

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