OpenCL + SiSoft Sandra

[[[ I hope this is not completely off-topic on this forum. If it is, just delete the topic please ]]]

Latest release of Sandra (sysinfo tool) seems to implement OpenCL diags and benchmarks:

"SiSoftware Sandra 2009 SP4 (2009.9.15.124) has been released! New features include:
New OpenCL GPGPU benchmarks: complete set of OpenCL benchmarks in addition to the existing CUDA & STREAM versions:

  • Computational performance: float (32-bit) and double (64-bit), native and emulated.
  • Memory bandwidth performance: internal and transfer to/from card(s).
  • Multi-GPU card support, including asymmetric load balancer (e.g. a faster/powerful card and a slow/little card) with different loads distributed to the cards depending on their power."

However, when I try it on a WinXP SP3 32-bit platform with ForceWare 190.62 WHQL drivers and a GeForce 8500 GT video card, it doesn’t find any OpenCL devices. I’ve tried to copy LIBOPENCL32.DLL from “nVIDIA OpenCL 1.0 Conformant Release” package into \Windows\System32, but that didn’t work either. I’ve tried to rename the DLL to OPENCL32.DLL and OPENCL.DLL, but no banana.

BTW, nVIDIA’s own OpenCL samples (e.g. oclBandwidthTest.exe and oclDeviceQuery.exe) work well on this setup.

Am I missing something there?