OpenCL/OpenGL interop on multiple GPU's

Got some simple stuff working on a single GPU (ATI 6990).
However, the real heavyweight models would benefit greatly from multi-GPU execution.

Checked out the ATI OpenCL Programming Guide ( … _Guide.pdf)
Appendix G “OpenCL-OpenGL Interoperability”:
[ul] G.1.1 describes Single GPU Environment, complete with example code.[/ul]
[ul]G.1.2 describes Multi GPU Environment, complete with example code.[/ul]
[ul]G.1.3 Limitations – “AMD currently supports CL-GL interoperability only in a single-GPU environment”!!![/ul]

So I guess my question is (are):
[ul] Is there a workaround? (such as manually copying the VBO’s to every device?)[/ul]
[ul] Is there a simple example? (including dividing the work)[/ul]


Hey The.Scotsman,

The document doesn’t say that it is not possible use CL-GL interoperability in MultiGPU environment. It says that interoperability is not possible in MutliGPU environment with “GLUT”. It is very much possible by creating your windows using win32 API and there is an example for the same in the document.