OpenCL only for CPU (linux)

Hi All

I’ve a simple system, it probably has the simplest graphical card out there, so OpenCL will only find 1 device, the CPU which is ok for me
But when I try to install OpenCL it requires CUDA stuff. Is there a way to install OpenCL without CUDA (or any other GPU dependencies)

thnx a lot

The latest nvidia driver (195.17) located on their developer site will install the OpenCL headers in /usr/include and the shared library in /usr/lib. It appears the most lightweight way to get up and running with OpenCL on linux with an NVidia card. I’ve heard about an AMD CPU implementation being available, though I have not used it myself.

as far as I know you cannot install the nvidia driver if you don’t have a nvidia card, right?

You should try installing the AMD version as it will give you access to your CPU. The Nvidia one is Nvidia-GPU only at the moment.

thnx a lot!!!