openCL memory error


This is my first thread, I´m new at openCL and I´m doing some work to integrate this technology with some other software. So I´m trying to execute an aocx inside another program written in C++. When my code reaches this line

program = clCreateProgramWithBinary(context, 1, &device, (const size_t *)&binary_size, (const unsigned char **)&binary_buf, &binary_status, &status_ocl);

returns this error: *** Error in `…/…/bin/linux-arm/hpsfpga1dtest’: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0x00294a98 ***

I haven´t found any help from google and I´m a bit lost. My aocx file runs in an ARM/FPGA SoC system from Intel/Altera and was cross-compiled in another host. If Iexecute it directly:

aocl program /dev/acl0 hello_world.aocx

It returns this:
aocl program: Running reprogram from /root/opencl_arm32_rte/board/c5soc/arm32/bin
Reprogramming was successful!

Can anyone tell why I receive this error? Maybe it is something to be with my own program, but I would need an explanation of this issue, thanks!!

Regards, Ricardo