OpenCL man page sources available in public Subversion

Khronos has released the OpenCL 1.0 man page XML sources. They are under the Khronos Free Use License (BSD-like) so people can modify, repackage, redistribute etc.

You will need to have a reasonable understanding of Subversion, Docbook, XML, XSLT, Linux package management (if using Linux), and other components of the toolchain used to generate the man pages, before you’re likely to have much success with them. A great deal of Docbook, XML, and XSL infrastructure may need to be installed on your system first.

The directory tree containing the man pages is available for anonymous, read-only checkout in Khronos’ Subversion server, at

[ ... /docs/man/](

If you have the Subversion command-line client installed, you should be able to check out the man pages into the directory ‘man’ by executing the command

svn co --username anonymous --password anonymous man

Under ‘man’ you’ll find the OpenCL 1.0 man pages, both the Docbook XML source in this directory and generated XHTML+MathML in xhtml/ , and some supporting build and XSL infrastructure.

There are two pages in the Wiki containing additional documentation; these pages talk about the OpenGL man page sources, but the OpenCL man pages use much the same Docbook toolchain so this will at least give you some guidance on the Docbook, XML, XSLT, etc. packages you’ll need to install. Eventually I hope to update these to cover OpenCL specifically as well. … _Man_Pages

  • Description of the tools used to build the man pages; how to install and make use of them if you want to build them yourself; and how to report problems. … and_MathML

  • Some notes on viewing XHTML+MathML documents in different browsers.

This is a great resource for experienced users.

Could you guys please don’t use docBook and find something else.
It has a few very dark sides hidden in it’s format.

While working with the OpenCL 1.0 man page XML sources you provided I noticed an inconsistency with the OpenCL Specification file (version 1.0, revision:48).

The problem is with vloada_halfn_* functions.
In XML sources ( there are 3 function definitions which don’t exist in the specification (
These functions are listed below:

  • floatn vloada_halfn_rte ( size_t offset, __local half *p)
  • floatn vloada_halfn_rtz ( size_t offset, __constant half *p)
  • floatn vloada_halfn_rtp ( size_t offset, __private half *p)

Please clarify the inconsistency.

The man pages are a reference guide but they are not a tutorial, so they are likely to be most useful to people who already know OpenCL at a high level, but want to remind themselves of details of how particular functions work.

imageFunctions.xml has a bug in the DOCTYPE declaration … ctions.xml

XML Parsing Error: syntax error
Line Number 3, Column 82:         "">[

looks like a typo, commonFunctions.xml for example does it right.

File a bugzilla please.



This has been fixed, thanks.

Its good because it is a a very usefull source for experienced users.