OpenCL ideas for Masters Dissertation


In a couple of months I’m about to start my Masters Dissertation and I’m looking for some ideas. Since I have some background with OpenCL (and some Cuda knowledge as well), I’m looking for something related with these technologies. Can you provide me some?
Looking in a more practical perspective, what could be done for OpenCL, what needs to be done? Where can I eventually provide some contribute?

Thanks in advance!


Are you open for suggestions from anything OpenCL related, or would you prefer it coming/being “Khronos/OpenCL” related?

I am concepting general application development simplification on OpenCL with publicly available open methodology to control software architecture/design.

This applies elsewhere than on OpenCL, but OpenCL is particularly interesting, as reducing the “ceremonial code” away, much wider audience can start using it much faster.

I am happy to share more detail on this, but would not want to derail your thread, if this is not what you are looking for.

Kalle Launiala