OpenCL: Hardware requirements


I’m trying to find the hardware requirements of devices that are likely to support an OpenCL implementation.
are all kind of processors compliant? is there a list of requirements?

Thanks for your help.

You can often find a list of supported devices in the SDK’s documentation. The Nvidia SDK supports most of the current Nividia GPUs. The AMD SDK supports most of the current ATI GPUs and x86 CPUs with SSE3 or later. I think there’s also an IBM implementation for the Cell.

Hope that helps

Thanks for your reply,
I was actually looking more for a numerical compliance of the devices,
for example if we want to developp an implementation for a DSP,
wath must be the requirements for this device to be OpenCL compliant,
it must be marked somewhere, I don’t find anything in the spec.

These are defined in section 7, in particular 7.4.