OpenCL Fluid Simulator

Hello all,

We’ve been working on a Real Time Particle System library and we now have interactive fluid simulation! It’s SPH implemented purely on the GPU with OpenCL
You can see my latest write up and the code at my blog: … ith-opencl

We appreciate feedback and hopefully the code will be useful to someone!

Nice work. What is rough percentage of code running on the GPU versus CPU?

Sounds like the Nvidia GPU runs better than the ATI card. You touched base with either manufacturer to see if they might provide their latest hardware?

The computation is purely on the GPU, once the initial particles are copied to the GPU they don’t come back to the CPU.

Actually, we have the latest consumer NVIDIA card GTX480 and AMD sent us some ATI FirePro V7800 which are nice computational cards for research! Right now we are working on publishing a paper about the project, and one of our next steps will be more extensive benchmarking and optimizations across hardware.