OpenCL C# bindings

[I apologize in advance if this post is not appropriate for the OpenCL forum.]

As part of the Open Toolkit project, I have implemented a C# wrapper for the OpenCL flat API. The first preview release is now publicly available for testing: if you are interested in using OpenCL from .Net, please take a look into the OpenTK.Compute namespace.

[li]The bindings are CLS-compliant and usable by all .Net and Mono languages (C#, VB.Net, …)[/:m:16d5z31g][/li][li]They can be used along with the rest of the Open Toolkit (OpenGL/OpenAL), but theirsource is also usable stand-alone.[/:m:16d5z31g][/li][li]The source is released under the MIT/X11 license and can be used in both open- and closed-source projects.[/*:m:16d5z31g][/ul][/li]The current plan is to stabilize the flat API, before layering OO sugar on top (modeled after the C++ headers).

Since I do not have access to an OpenCL implementation at this point, any and all feedback appreciated.

The bindings have been synced with the latest headers from, which fix several identified issues, and their API has been brought in line with the OpenGL bindings found in OpenTK.

There are several planned improvements to the interface, but the bindings are now considered ready for testing.