OpenCL Books / tutorials

Are there any openCL books in the pipeline :?:

What about some tutorials :?:
(have read the usual ones like: from here, nvidia dev, siggraph presentations).


I beleive that a OpenCL book project is being considered and also a number of white papers are hopeful.

I find it interesting that the number of views on this forum is about 100 times that of the number of replies for almost every thread. OpenCL has quite a lot of interest, there are lots of people trying to find out more. I also find it interesting that one of the few exceptions was this thread (which is about finding out more), where the ratio is closer to 1000:1 (before I posted). If it wasn’t for all the large companies backing it I would be worried that OpenCL will fall victim to the chicken and the egg problem, of there being no documentation or tutorials because people are finding it hard to learn.

Search OpenCL in Itunes there is a very good podcast

Thank you for your interest in OpenCL. The working group agrees 100% that good documentation, examples, man pages and other developer resources are vitally important.

The OpenCL working group is working to produce these materials ASAP - we will be linking to Khronos/third party developer resources from an OpenCL Ecosystem web page on very shortly.

We will post a link here as soon as it is available - and we welcome any feedback - especially if anything you consider important is missing.

Neil (OpenCL Chair)

While we wait for a “real” book, this can be a GOOD source of information.

also in PDF here

Hi Guys,

      I am also a newbie for OpenCL.I just gone through this given article and 
      i think its good information for OpenCL basics.
      You can just go through sample also from apple developer site.If you are familiar with
      OpenGL ES 2.0,then it is very easy to understand,because calls are very much similiar.
      I have a little knowledge of CUDA also,but end of the day i am feeling OPenCL APIs are 
      more comfortable in comapre to Cuda.