OpenCL + Adreno GPU + Linux possible?

I did not succeded to make OpenCL available on my Adreno 650 based phone in chrooted Linux. Is that possible at all or is this the mission impossible yet? I went through a ton of sources but did not find single one suitable for my case. Moreover most are many many years old and not sure if still valid. My goal is to be able to run OpecCL aware tools like the darktable photo editor.

I already managed to get OpenCL available and was able to make clinfo in Termux evironment following the instructions here:

But I’m not able to replicate this in the chrooted Linux on the same device. I copied the from the /system/vendor/lib64 Android system tree to the /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu directory of the chrooted Linux. The library gets recognised during making the clinfo. But the making still fails. I have no ICD file in /etc/OpenCL/vendor as I didn’ find any info on what it should contain in my case. But this is missing in Android system too where clinfo gets compiled.

Could anyone give an idea if this is possible at all and if yes to kick me in the right direction? I appreciate any kind of help.

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