OpenCL 1.2 error with 3dstudio AMD Prorender

i am testing Radeon Prorender on 3dstudio max with an AMD 7970 video card

but everytime i launch rendering i get error message that says my video card driver doesn’t support Open CL 1.2

I checked the AMD website and it is stated that AMD 7970 supports Open CL 1.2

so maybe i have Open CL 2.0 driver on my system and that’s why it doesn’t recognize Open CL?

Where i can download Open CL 1.2 drivers for AMD video cards? i have found only 2.0 drivers

(i am running windows 10 64 bit)

Install the latest Crimson driver package. 2.0 includes 1.2. Also, run cmd and check what “clinfo” command tells you.