OpenCL 1.2 cl.hpp


When can we expect 1.2 compliant C++ headers to appear publicly available?


Code is written and it’s in a review cycle. We had to think through a good way to deal with feature deprecation but I think we’ve solved that now. I can’t give a clear time line for release but it won’t be long now.

Any news? If exact month when it will be realesed is still unknown, is it likely that OpenCL 1.2 cl.hpp will be released this year?

We came up with a little snag. This year, absolutely. If nobody reports any serious issues with the current code I’d like to think in the next month. There is a preview version in the current AMD SDK, though, and given that that’s the only 1.2 runtime out there currently that should probably help you.

Great news. Thanks for your suggestion where to find the preview version.

Is there any update on when the final version will be released? By now many people should have had access to 1.2 on Mountain Lion too.

Did anybody on OSX already test the preview version with success?

Preview version is in AMD SDK, so if you have AMD GPU it may work for you if OSX is supported. If you have NVidia hardware, then AMD SDK is mostly useless (will work only on CPU).

Personally, I have NVidia hardware, so I’m forced to use OpenCL 1.1 for now. Is release of OpenCL 1.2 cl.hpp still planned to happen this year?

Sorry, I’ve been a bit slow getting to this. It’s up:

Unfortunately we do need to update the page as it still says that it hasn’t been updated. This is not correct, the file at the link on that page ( has been updated.

This also has a set of compatibility fixes to support building against a 1.2 SDK and running on a 1.1 runtime.

When will the documentation of these bindings be updated? The revised version of cl.hpp that you mentioned has a link to pdf documenting the bindings, but that pdf is for the OpenCL 1.1 API and is from 2010. The link to this pdf is here: … us-1.1.pdf


That’s something we’ve been working on. You will hopefully see updates very soon.

I’m looking forward to it, hopefully it is coming soon.

Presumably, if the Doxygen comments in the latest cl.hpp were updated as the code was written, then all that is needed is to run Doxygen on cl.hpp to generate the pdf. Looking at cl.hpp indicates that this might not be the case though… there are quite a few things that are undocumented so maybe the documentation is elsewhere. Oh well.

Yes, unfortunately when I took over maintaining cl.hpp doxygen content was very poor. We’ve tried to improve that, with some external input, but as you can see it’s incomplete. We have other efforts ongoing, though, and I’ll chase them up.

Any update on this?

What is the status with documenting the OpenCL 1.2 C++ API? the cl.hpp file seems to have been updated in January 2013, but there is still no pdf other than the one that has been there for quite some time: … us-1.1.pdf


The update to that document is going through the process at the moment. Expect an upload in a month or so.

Sorry about the delay.

Any progress on documenting the C++ API?

The cl.hpp that is available through the registry still references the old pdf that documents version 1.1, but it seems that the pdf has been updated, though there is no date in the pdf except that from the pdf properties I can see it was created February 22nd. Are the cl.hpp and the pdf that is on the main registry file in sync with each other?