OpenAL problem

Hello. I have ‘small’ problem with openAL. When I play music in main loop in my program, for example:

void Init()
void DrawScene()
An when i do that windows give me error :/ What is wrong?

  1. It’s OpenGL coding forum, not OpenAL.
    I guess you will find answers to your audio questions on OpenAL mailing list (seek it at or forums
  2. The posted code has nothing to do with OpenAL - the functions you use are higher level. OpenAL functions are just like alSourcePlay(ALuint source), not play_my_wav()…
    If you use some wrapper library, ask questions about it, not OpenAL.
    3)As far as I remember OpenAL requires initialization - and so it should be needed by any wrapper library. I don’t see it in your Init()
    4)Please, don’t post here about OpenAL if it is not related with OpenGL…

ad1) ok sorry
ad2) i know that was pseudo code!
ad3) all is in Init