Open Source

Hello, I was just wondering how the OpenGL community looks upon Open Source. Are the majority for/against it? Myself, Im completly for it. I started a thread at the (feel free to share your opinion there) site and I took a lot of heat from people who didn’t support the open source community. I’d say about 90% are not in favor of open source at that site.

It depends on what you mean. There is a distinction between the opensource movement and richard stallman’s gnu stuff. I’m not politically minded enough to remember what the distrinction is, tho’. Stallman came over to this university; I’ve been to a lecture of his on his form of gnu public license. Hmm.

I’m for OpenSource. But not against “closedSource”. some software in open source is ok. but if you generally defeat paying for software, the industry wouldn’t continue developping software. I think without paying for software, many good and complex programms wouldn’t exist (CorelDRAW, Cubase, Logic, autocad…). cause that aren’t projects done in free time ;-). I know there exist many really great (in size and in publicity/useability) opensource projects (LINUX, The GIMP or povray for example). I mean, for some projects Opensource is a good thing (Operating Systems, standard software…) but for special cases hmmm…let’s see

But i don’t think this is the right forum to discuss…