Open source (now) ex-commercial games written in OpenGL?

I’ve heard that certain companies make their source code from commercial game - open, when the game is old. Does anyone have any links to such games? I’m looking mainly for games whose graphics is handled in OpenGL. I think they would be great examples to learn the concepts of game programming, design etc…
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Quake 2’s source code has been released and was written, I believe, exclusively in OpenGL for graphics. You will require the textures and such from the game before you can run the executed source code of course.

Great, thank you.
Would anyone happen to have links for that code?
I wonder if Doom or Unreal also used OGL for graphics part of the engine? I think I’ve heard that those were released as open source, too, but I’m not 100% certain.

I’m almost 100% sure Doom is way too early for OpenGL. But Unreal perhaps. Here is a link (should be anyway) to the Quake 2 Source. You might need to find a copy of the game, buy it or if you have it, to get the files that quake2 needs to run. The Source compiles only The DLL’s and Executable. You can do a search for Quake 2 source if you want to find a better file, maybe a zip. The official one I got was zipped and already have Visual C 6.0 DSW’s.

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Yes, the original Doom used software rendering. There have been some new releases of Doom using more advanced graphics techniques (something like Ultimate Doom, IIRC), and some other 3rd party ‘improvements’ made by fans with the original source code.

Unreal had a bunch of rendering back-ends. IIRC, the 3 original back-ends were software, Glide (3DFX proprietary API) and PowerSGL (PowerVR proprietary API). Later other back-ends were added through patches : D3D and OpenGL.

Quake is by far the most used engine in the graphics enthusiasts community. Look for Titan engine : it’s an advanced Quake3 maps renderer, said to be almost as fast as the original game.

this seriously kicks ass (in my opinion) g:

although I think that it is nearly impossible to learn anything from existing games’ source code, especially from carmack’s