Open Source Java COLLADA Loader

I have released my COLLADA Loader for Java as a separate package.

You can download it here:

This is an early release. I will continue to work on it as time goes on.

I have started writing a Java-based browser which can download COLLADA files off of the Web and display the scene. You can take a look at what I have so far here:

The source code is available here:

Today I started writing an Open Source Java COLLADA exporter. This will enable the conversion of the different 3D formats supported by Java Loaders into COLLADA. I am primarily doing this to debug the Whoola Xith COLLADA Loader. The source code is available here:

The Open Source Java COLLADA Browser now supports 3D hyperlinks:

To make it work, I added some code that looks like this:

    <node id="node-2">
        <technique profile="BROWSER">
          <param type="HYPERLINK">../shuttle/shuttle.xml</param>
        <min>-4 -4 -34</min>
        <max> 4  4 -26</max>

Not a standard extension but something this is working for now. Does anyone know of a better way to embed the hyperlinks in a COLLADA file?

Your extension is valid. You’re allowed to add parameter types in your own technique.

I do it all the time in the ColladaMaya plugin: “blend_mode”, “layer”, “infinity”, …!

hey again croft, should have dug a bit deeper… what you are doing here looks neat, though i can’t get it to run. I think MacOS X Tiger 10.4.4 has the latest Java, but not 100% sure…

I wish I’d seen this post before responding to the last one, I see that your code is very modularised, but still wonder if you have considered offloading more work to the server.

It should run on Windows, Mac, and Linux but I have only tested it on Windows. I’m working on upgrading it to COLLADA 1.4.0. Once that is done, we could test it on Mac again.

I’m not sure what you mean by that, perhaps because I have not seen your previous post yet. We are targeting a peer-to-peer (P2P) application for this product.