Open Inventor and Suse 9.0

I’m trying to run an Open Inventor program (written in C++), I installed everything that’s needed, compiling is successful, but RUN and MAKE (using XWPE) - or simply “g++ helloCone.cpp” return something like this:

undefined reference to SoXt::Init(args’n’stuff)
undefined reference to SoXt::bla…

using “-lInventor” helped to decrease the number of “undefinded references”, but still I have left 5 of them…

Does anybody know how I can defeat those?

Thanks and Greetings Andi

My guess is that you haven’t compiled and installed SoXt yet. This is the interface for OpenInventor against X11. I know you can download it from , but I’m not sure whether it works with the original SGI OpenInventor (Coin3d based on OI and is open source aswell).

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