Open GL2.0 - i don't understand... help

Sorry for my english…

Is it released???
How to use it?
What about GL_GL2_fragment_shader, GL_GL2_shader_objects, GL_GL2_vertex_shade and others?

I saw something at about GL2, but they say that OpenGL 2.0 is supported only for Wildcat VP(for now?), there are OGL2 Beta Drivers and SDK for it.
Is GeForces and others will support GL2 somehow? In future driver’s releases?
Am I able to use it now on my GF2GTS?

just open me my mind! By!

The GL2 specs are not ready yet, so there is no release.

GeForceFX will be likely to support it, but I think finall GL2 will look very different. I guess it will be ARB to take final desision, and it’s on it’s way to GL2(ARB_vertex_program, ARB_fragment_program,
ARB superbuffers etc.). But it’s only my personal opinion.

I am very interested in GL’2 syncronization features. Some times ago I heard it will be able to do “multiple jobs” in the same time.

I heard about “background tasks”… Anyone read something about that? Looks useful for some applications (especially single-player games and maybe simulators).