Open GL

I have a custom PC with XP and with 3dfx voodoo3 videocard. The new game Call of Duty came out. When i try to play it says “could not load OpenGL. Make sure you have the latest drivers from the manufacture’s website.” I haven’t ben able to find this website, does anyone no where it is?

Your card is obsolete… the company that manufactered it no longer supports it.

Welcome to the year 2004!

Indeed 3dfx went out of business approx. 3 years ago.

There wont be any offical (read stable) driver for it anymore. You may check for an fan made but they dont come with an waranty.

Besides your card doesnt have the features required nor the power to run COD anyway.

Here a tip:

-get a decent card
-completly uninstall the 3dfx drivers
-toss the voodoo card out
-install your new card
-be happy