Open GL with Windows XP

I hope that in the near future Open GL will be compatible for Windows XP, it will make things a lot easier for all those who have Windows XP and need Open GL drivers or upgrade their prexisting old ones, NeverWinterNights is really picky about this, so i do hope that this will be taken into consideration.

Ohh, and if someone knows where to find a compatible GL download or knows how to make it work with XP i would be grateful if i can be directed somewhere

Ok, my turn guys…

So, once again (as this type of question has been asked over and over again for every release of a new Windows), Windows XP IS compatible with OpenGL and OpenGL works fine with Windows XP, that is, only if you have Windows XP compatible drivers. To find those, check the website of your video card manufacturer. nVidia, for instance, has perfectly compatible Windows XP drivers.

I am currently trying to play return to castle wolfenstein with a geforce4 mx 420 64 mb sdram pny technologies verto video card.
Everytime I try to run the game it says could not load opengl subsystem. I have tried driver after driver, and people tell me that winxp driver is not compatible…

Those people are lying. I can play my OpenGL games just fine on my Ti4200. You might consider asking in the End-User forum.

Probably there’s a big difference between drivers stability for WinXP Home and WinXP Pro. That would explain why some ppl have no problem and why others have lots of problems.