Open GL with Jedi Knight II Outcast

Hi. This similar question propbaly been posted before. Anyways, i have the game Jedi outcast. It will install fine, until i click on it to play. It will come up with the ms-dos screen. Then it stops loading and says cannot open GL Subsystem. So far all i know is my video card is not equipped with this file. Is there a way I can download the file from a website and have it work? My video card is a Savage4 AGP4X 3D video card. Where i can go to download the file? I did download a SCITECHT GL DIRECT. Now the program will get past the loading part, now the problem is that when it loads the main. It will act like a broken record or something. And the scren will flash. Like the comp is really slow. If anyone i can give me help. I’ll apreciate it. My e-mail is

I’m thinking integrated video chip is not up to the minimum requirements to play this game.