Open GL with a Rage Mobility and Windows 2000

I have a problem. I tried to run Quake III on my Laptop with a Rage Mobility and Windows 2000. Now it doesn’t work.
But under Windows 98 SE it worked.
What can I do?? I already tried to download a new driver from the ATI Webpage and the Manufacturer of my Laptop, but it doesn’t help.
Please, help me!!!

Thanks a lot

Exact same problem. Haven’t found a solution yet.

Originally posted by Ed:
Exact same problem. Haven’t found a solution yet.

Hi, its good to know that I am not the only one person with this Problem.
I think I will make now a dual boot with win98 and win2k. So the openGL Games should run.

I’ve benn told by ACER that their drivers for WIN2000 have no HW openGL support even if the RAGE MOBILITY has.
Switch to WIN ME with old WIN98 video drivers, you’ll get an unstable 16-bit HW OpenGL acceleration

There is no support for GL under Win2k unless you have a GeForce 2 or above video card or a Voodoo3!

Sorry…I am waiting for it to support it too and I have a Voodoo 5500 AGP! Hope the info helps!

Actually both Win9x & Win2k haven’t OpenGL support. You need to use graphics card developer’s specified drivers.

Thanks for info.
Let’s hope someone is listening to us …

Go to, to the Rage Pro support forum. You should get better help there.