Open GL Volumizer : Links Broken/No reresources

I m working on a project for which i need to work on OpenGL volumizer…but all links i m getting are not responding (are broken) i.e. i m unable to find any resources on it plz help…

I am pretty sure OpenGL volumizer is dead and buried along with SGI. If its volume rendering you are after there are two choices as I see it:

  1. hack it yourself
  2. use one of the open source alternatives

I am not sure about the state of (2) but I know there are open source alternatives that might give you a helping hand.

ya i exchanged some mails wid them n found that volumizer was discontinued and no longer available …can u please suggest any other API’s for volume rendering…

thank you
Played a bit with it to visualize my own body MRI scans, works great.
Not sure if it is easy to drive as an API however.