Open GL Subsystem Error


I have just formated my system and i cant play enemy teritory anymore. It says could not load open gl sub system. I have got a nvidia fx5200 and i have dowloaded the latest drivers ???

Please Help


I had a same problem. I noticed that the windows basic drivers didnt support openGL and I downloaded new nvidia drivers and installed it. Then I booted and ET was working. BUT now I have a this wierd problem. My fps in a game is (when im in a start position) over 100 fps but when I start play it (move around etc) my fps are jumping 11- 125fps!!!? That is why I am reading this board if there is any tips to solve this problem.

My machine:HP xw5000 Intel Duron 3 Ghz, 1.5Gb Graphic: Nvidia quadro 980

If you re-installed Windows after re-formatting, you should have gotten their copy of OpenGL32.DLL installed in the Windows System32 directory. That DLL must be present before installing any OEM’s accelerated drivers, like NVidia or ATI, etc, since the OpenGL calls get passed through that one main DLL.

Note that some Quake-based games used to distribute a copy of OpenGL32.DLL in their subdirectory which would take precedence over the one installed in the Windows system directory, so you should check if anything like that might be present.

Also you might want to check out SciTech GLDirect on your graphics board as alternative option. They use their own copy of OpenGL32.DLL instead of the Microsoft DLL, and runs with the OEM’s Direct3D accelerated drivers rather than the OpenGL drivers.