open gl red book (files needed?)

Hello I just read through the first two chapters of the open gl red book and it dosent say what libery files I need to include and header files I need to downloadf for it to work. If anyone knows what I need and whare I can obtain it to work with dev-c++ could you please help me.

within dev-c++, use the package manager to download community devpaks, there are several good ones for starting OpenGL : some with glut/freeglut, or SDL, or pure win32…
Very easy to start.

MS Developers Studio?

I was able to just start calling OpenGL functions from a blank project.
The MSDN help description for any OpenGL function tells you which header files you need to include.

To get the extensions to work, I had to download a sample project off the internet. I forget what package it used, but it included a file named extsetup.cpp. Which contained code that would go out and grab the extension functions that were available.

Just use glew for extentions. One call to glewInit() and you’re golden.

However, you’ll have to make sure you have the latest drivers from NVIDIA or ATI if you want to ensure you have all possible extensions for your card.