Open Gl programming with vb6

I am visual basic 6 database programmer how can i learn open GL Api with Visual basic
while i dont kno wany thiong about graphix programming

first download some good tut’s (i recommend
the opengl red book)…
NeHe tut’s are a great help.

then, know how to link up to dll’s in vb.
follow the tutorials.

you will have to convert a lot of C code into vb. :frowning:

why not just do it with glut and c?:slight_smile:

There is no problem with using vb whatsoever. the speed will be relatively the same if you just use Opengl calls because they are used from the .dlls. If you go in intense computation like colision detection, vb will be slow for that, but again you can just write a .dll to handle your routine or you can just live with the performance.

This a link that a couple of example of VB programs that uses opengl.

If you want more, just go at and type VB opengl.

have fun!

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thanks all
ai will try your suggestions
then will tell you

but i could not find any bools reaaly teaching about the learning open GL with the reference of VB
and also could not find the DLLs needed to run a open GL programm

The easiest way to use OpenGL in VB6 is to download a type library for OpenGL. The type library declares all of the variable types and functions that will get you into the OpenGL32.Dll file that is included with Win95,98, etc.

There are a ton of OpenGL examples floating around on the web. Mark Kilgard has some good ones. It is best to start with the very simple stuff first.

You could look at for some real basic 3D info and skeleton programs.

The type library is the key to getting the whole deal working. Most of the libraries were created when VB5 was out, but should work with VB6.