Open GL not recognized??

I’m having problems with Open GL on win XP with a 9200 Radeon 64 mb.

I had current ati drivers installed. Then I would go to change the open gl settings, and they would not take effect. I am using open gl in Half-Life Counter-Strike, but only getting 60 frames per second max. But when I go to change settings, it routes me to the Direct 3D settings tab.

ATI Radeon 9200 64 mb should technically support Open GL, correct? I have a completely new system, 2.8 ghz, 512 ram, winxp svc pack 1. I actually uninstalled and reinstalled ati drivers, then installed ati drivers with omega tweaks…still doesn’t work…it seems like the system was set to recognize only D3D.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

your card should support it…my 7000 does anyway…um …when i first installed my 7000 it didnt work… i had to take an already opengl32.dll file copy that (overrite) onther one us system 32,then chages the open gl file in the game and made that the same…

so if there is one make sure in your gmae directory that (if there is one) the open gl file is the same as the one in system/system32

Evan aka _E_03

Go to and download the ATI Radeon RefreshFix 0.98 Beta

It will allow you to overcome the 60 fps barrier (a problem with Windows XP).