Open GL is not recognized by my computer

I purchased a Nvidia GeForce 6200 256m card to upgrade my computer. It has a AMD Athlon Processor 1.33Ghz, 1Gig of Ram, running on Windows 2000 professional. I have been having issues with games quiting when I try and start them. I have downloaded the latest drivers for my graphics card, display and I also have the latest DirectX9. Recently I tried playing Half-Life and it says my card does not support open GL. I know it does but oddly enough nothing that uses open GL now works. Even my screen saver pipes (Open GL)does not work. Everytime windows tells me that the program has generated errors and will be shut down.

Open the display control panel and check if the driver versions of all modules match. There should be a version list somewhere on the GeForce tab.
If the versions don’t match you have not deinstalled the old drivers successfully.

Try de-installing the NVIDIA display drivers cleanly via the control panel “Add-Remove Programs”.

Check the display control panel again.

  • If you had standard VGA, fine. Install the new drivers via setup.exe, reboot, check the CPL again for the driver versions.
  • If not, bad, you need to update the drivers via the Device Manager then. In the update driver dialog point the installer to the *.INF of the new driver package.

If all modules are from the new drivers now and that didn’t help, check the chipset drivers of your motherboard in the device manager.

If this is an AGP system check the BIOS for the AGP aperture settings. Try to incease the value.