Open GL In Win2k with Diamond Viper 770

My screen savers work but I get an error that says that q3 cant load opengl and other games tell me I need opengl, although the opengl32.dll is in the system32 folder, so it would make sense if it worked… windows 2000? What is happening?

Yes I installed the latest 9x drivers, they gave me this… and the latest NT ones screw my comp up. DIamond doesnt have win2k driver yet… but how could I get OG working?

Went and solved this, Diamond doesnt work on Nvidia products much anymore, but Nvidia released new drivers on their site for their cards and win2k specifically. DIamond, **** you. Nvidia, thank you.

unless there’s any special features like TV-Out or video input on your card you need to take advantage of, the NVIDIA reference drivers are usually the way to go…

So what was the resolution??? I got the same damn problem here. Trying to get FAKK2 to play on win2k. Haven’t even tried Halflife yet. The screen savers work great though.

Have you been looking at the DVA line in win.ini yet?