Open Gl for VR


I am new to openGl.I want to create the following virtual world.(as in jhonny lee’s project with wii mote ).It was developed in DirectX.But I want to develop that in opengl.
for an idea about how it looks.
Could some please guide me about how to get started and successfully make it.

(I am using DevCpp IDE and VC++ 6).Any good tutorials and sample to start with?

If you’re asking how to make head-tracking then this is not the right forum (OpenGL or DirectX have nothing to do with head-tracking), although some people may answer you.

If you’re asking how to make a 3D OpenGL application then it’s way to generic question and all we can do is point you out to tutorials - try:
These are OpenGL 1.1-2.1 tutorials, but I’m guessing you don’t need OpenGL 3.0 :slight_smile: for equivalent Direct3D and OpenGL code.