Open GL for an old monitor

Alright, it’s not that I can’t go to higher resolutions, but when I do, everything is all stretched and the color scheme is completely wrong.

I use to use another monitor, but it fried and I had to use an old crappy old one. I’m guessing I need an Open GL to fit my new(old), Dell 1992 monitor, or graphics card or something?

Could someone tell me what’s up?

Thats not an OpenGL problem. You need to tell your operating system (windows I assume) that your current monitor cant handle higher resolutions.

If its from 1992 I dont think it can handle anything above 800x600@60Hz.

For Windows 2000 (XP should be similar).

Goto: Display Properties->Settings->Advanced->Monitor

Now klick one the “Properties” button in the “Monitor Type” field. Switch to the “Driver” tab and click on “Update Driver”.

Now a Wizard pops up click “Next” and select “Display a list of the known drivers for this device…” and push the “Next” button again.

Now select “Show all hardware of this device class”. Select “Standard monitor types” and select “Super VGA 800x600” (or 640x480 if the monitor cant handle 800x600). Hit “Next” once again and a 2nd time and you should be set.

Of course you will find that in the Windows help if you could be bothered to RTFM.