Open GL ES application exit trouble

I tried some Vincent examples (which use ug.h) and there are bug (both on Emulator and Pocket PC) - when i do exit(0) it’s frozes. It’s came only when the application works a few minutes, if i try to exit earlier than one minute of application workin’ it’s exit correctly. Plz. help to fix it.

Yeah, that’s a problem with the examples, I guess. Windows Mobile and stdlib don’t go too well together.

The correct way is probably to call ugDestroyWindow, which in turn will trigger a PostQuitMessage(0) in the main loop, which should yield a proper cleanup. Haven’t tried it myself, but it’s my best guess.

  • HM

i’ve tried it, but it’s don’t help for 100%. I guess, the best way don’t use the uh library.

yep, that’s what I do… :wink:

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