open gl ... double displays

I have a pentium III 533Mhz, 384Mb RAM, Geforce 2 GTS and I use WIN 2000. I play with opengl but for some reason when you use a double display you cant play under open gl. I have to shut down one monitor (display properties) and then the problem is fixed. Why doens’t open gl support a double display? Can someone help me? Thx

Same problem here. I’m running two Creative GeForce 2 MX and OpenGl will only work on one of them.
According to manual OpenGL apps. do not support Win98 multi-monitor feature and simply disables hardware acceleration when MM option enabled. Solution is to disable MM option.
If anybody discovers how to run OpenGl on two or more displays, please post it.

I run 3 monitors in 98, and I totally feel ur frustration. MS in their ultimate monopolistic wisdom decided to disable OGL in multimon. (They say it is because it would require a completely new kernel, but that is a Crock of #$%&. It is very easy to do, they have just disabled it so the opengl32.dll in the system dir does not call the cards OGL ICD) I am currently trying to figure out a way to get all my hardware and sofware to work in another OS. I am getting really fed up with basically being forced to use MS junk just cause 90 % of the population has heard of nothing else.

Here is a work around:
If ur app/game is halfway smart, (most are) it will look in its root or system dir for opengl32.dll before going to windows for opengl support. Find ur cards OGL ICD and COPY it to ur app/game’s root dir. Make sure u COPY it, or it wont work for other apps even with multimon disabled.
rename the COPY to opengl32.dll

example: for 3DFX find 3dfxogl.dll in system dir.
copy it into game dir and rename it opengl32.dll

no more lame disableing of monitors with a delayed reinabling.

Note, this may not work with all cards. I got a GF2 a couple days ago, and as of yet i have had no luck getting this work around to work. I am hoping that nvidia can help us out here.

Another thing u need to b carefull of is making sure that u update ur ogl file in all apps/games that u have done this to whenever u get new drivers. this can b a real pain in the @#%!!!

best solution would b to get a hacked opengl32.dll that would still call the gl icd with multimon in use and replace the lame MS one in the system dir. Unfortunately im a 3d modeler, not a coder. Sorry guys.

Or better yet, but very very unlikely: Somehow convince MS that being monopolistic bastards is not makeing them any friends and that D3D still sux ass and if they cant program a decent api than they shouldnt make up for it by trying to scwelch other librarys. Hmm, maybe in another reality. :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck to all,


Do you know what the OpenGL DLL filename for my Radeon video card?
I search for *gl.dll & *gl32.dll in my HD and the only one I found is the one from Microsoft, which doesn’t support my dual monitor setup

Help much appreciated

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