open gl demo

if anyone wants to check out my program, my first attempt at my own project mind, plz download it from

it includes sound and some pretty cool effects, but the gui is kinda buggy so read the controls.txt first

i really wanna hear some feedback as this is my first project, thx

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Well done !
Very nice for a first shot !

3 remarks :

  • The particles look “squary”. I think they are just cut too small.
  • Take care of music copyrights
  • If you close the window, the music continues.

Keep on the good job !

Neat. I like your smoke texture and your periodic table is nicely beveled

When I was looking at the atoms, I wished that I could zoom in, and they appeared to be a bit dark. Also, when the name of the element was on the screen, it looked like it is changing the lighting on the element.

All in all though, very impressive for a first time demo

– Zeno

yeah, the gui is buggy as i said, but i had to meet a deadline for the project so i just decided to pay attention to finishing it. and about those particles looking blocky, i noticed that too. how should i go about fixing that? thx