Open gl and xcode

I took an open gl class about 1.5 to 2 years ago and am trying to get my programs working so I can make movies of them…the ones I had got lost over time…anyway…I used to use project builder or msvisual studio to make and run the programs…but project builder has been replaced by x-code…and I can’t get xcode to run my programs to save my life…PLEASE HELP!!! should get you started.

thanks for the help. I have a header file that I normally use, and need to use for parts of my program to work. Where in the project structure should I place it?

One thing online said to put it in the Classes directory, but in this case there is none

I got it working thanks a ton…is there a way of including my header file…cause the only way I got it to work was to cut it and paste it into my main file…which is kinda silly

add it to your project and #include it…

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