Open GL 2.0 driver

I recently bought XPlane 10 software. Upon trying to install I get a message saying I need Open GL 2.0 driver. I have never had to pay money before for installation of a driver. My attempt to download from GL website the graphics driver has been unsuccessful. However the local computer Best Buy store says they can install for $40.00. On trying on the web I obtained a driver analysis program which for 29.99 promises to update all my drivers but when I do their scan it says I am short 4 drivers, none of which is the Open GL 2.0 driver. Should I go to Best Buy?

Either one of two things has happened here.

Firstly, your graphhics card driver may not be up to date. You should not pay money for this. Just go to your graphics card manufacturer’s website (not the GL website, the OpenGL website does not have drivers available), download the latest driver, install it. It would help if you knew what graphics card you have, but you’re not even saying what PC or OS you have. You might help us to help you here.

Secondly, your computer or graphics card might be so old that it just doesn’t support OpenGL 2.0 - unlikely, because OpenGL 2.0 itself is really really old, but it happens. If that’s the case you’re out of luck. You’ll have to buy a new graphics card or a new computer.