OPEN GL 1.4.0 and SIS 315 and KOTOR

Can anybody tell me where to find opengl 1.4.0 for my SIS315 Video Card? I’ve downloaded everything recent from and nothing seems to work. I have KOTOR to scan my system and the only thing lacking is opengl 1.4.0 (i currently have 1.2.1). I am running xp but I tried KOTOR in compatability mode for win 98 and I at least got to select a character and then watch him stand there and couldn’t move him.
If nobody knows, is there at least a substitute for opengl that will work with the game? I keep hearing something about “gldirect”
Any help is appreciated, email to

I don’t believe the SiS315 supports OpenGL 1.4. (I’d check for sure, but it doesn’t look like SiS paid their web bill this money )

But even if it did, I’m willing to bet KOTOR would be so slow as to be almost unplayable.