Online hardware shader test system?

I was wondering if anyone has ever seen a service that allows you to test GLSL shaders on different hardware. It would save a lot of time if I could just press a button that sends a shader source code to a server and returns the results of a shader compile and link on AMD, Nvidia, and Intel hardware. Does anything like this exist, or have you seen anyone attempt it?

I don’t know of anything that does exactly what you want.

I have a similar situation where my development workstation has Nvidia GTX960 hardware which translates my GLSL into Cuda code but my target machines have Intel HD4400 integrated graphics. To make sure my GLSL will compile on the target machines I built the Mesa standalone compiler and have my development machine run the GLSL through that compiler as well as the Nvidia compiler.

I’m able to debug any compile/linkage problems before the GLSL is shipped off to a target machine and I don’t have to leave my chair! How you might do this for AMD I don’t know. Perhaps they have a standalone compiler?

The NVidia Cg toolkit’s compiler utility supports compiling GLSL down to ASM. It’s a nice, fast, standalone way to sanity check that their compiler will likely compile your source.

It’s something like:

cgc -oglsl -strict -glslWerror -nocode -profile <PROFILE> shader.txt

where <PROFILE> is in { gp5vp, gp5gp, gp5fp }.

See cgc help page and Cg download.

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