One year, no updates... whats going on?


Is about 1 year (5th August 2008 COLLADA 1.5 is released)… whats going on? Why NO updates/upgrades/fixes until now?



did you spot a bug or error in the 1.5 specification? Are you missing features?
I would be happy if more tools support the current 1.5 schema :wink:


Here is the recent press release from Siggraph about many things going on with COLLADA around the world.

Khronos COLLADA Announcements at SIGGRAPH 2009

Interesting read, but, last collada-dom is dated 28.3 MiB Thu Dec 04 2008 03:10

Please, don’t tell me there are no bugs or things to improve inside, are you missing developers or what is happening?

Developers tend to use version control systems to combine multiple little changes into a new release. Not having an update every week does not necessarily indicate a defective software but might also give you a hint that it is in a stable state.

BTW, these are the latest commits:

Apr 27 2009 22:24:48 … m?view=rev

Jul 30 2009 11:06:03 … a?view=rev

Again: did you spot a bug or an error?


Hard to find the right balance I guess.

When code is updated often most developers complain that the code is not stable and thus this means that it should not be used in a project.
When the code is stable and get updated only when bugs are reported, some think that this means the code is stale and thus not supported and thus should not be used in a project.