One Simple Question on 3D model

I’m doing a project of human face modelling, actually I want to use a 3D model and create a mesh to change the face. However, I don’t know how to create a mesh on it. Can anyone tell me some links for me to see some tutorials?

Be more clear, usually a MESH IS a 3D MODEL, what do you want to create with the 3d model ??

My project is about using an input photos and get some feature points, then create a 3D human face model. So, I want to import a sample face model first, then create a face mesh to reshape the face for the imput photos.

You can create a generic face model using your fav modeling package, milkshape(damn cheap, and well document on how to import its model type), 3dstudio max lightwave, and just bind your image to that model, although it will not realy look right as every face as its own shape as you know. If you do not need to rotate the image you can just bind it to a NxN square mesh you can do some deformations that way.

You can do a 3D reconstruction of the face you will most likely need pictures shot at diffrent angles for that, and alot of time. There are a papers written on the subject in ACM, but mostly IEEE journels. This is realy something that is I asume way out of the scope of what your trying to do, but would probully be a good masters thesis or project. I do remember one ACM article about creating what the author called Avatars from photographs, If you realy want to go this route this might be something worth looking into but I seriously doubt it.