One month ago, I started here with no knowledge of any OpenGL...

and this is where I am now. Many thanks to John, GC Clemens and others that pointed me in the right direction.
A video can be seen here:

What we are seeing is a 3D surface of Signal strength vs Frequency vs Time obtained from a Software Defined Radio. The output from the radio is a Fast Fourier Transform of the IQ signals from the radio.
The plotting is done as a triangle strip with indices. There are approximately 400,000 triangles plotted each 100ms, so about 4,000,000 triangles per second. Each plot is done with one glDrawElements call.

Again many thanks for everyone’s help.

Very cool! Are you a ham radio operator? I have a HackRF One sitting here.

Yes. So far my software will work with the SDRPlay.