on tessellating the object texture doesn't show

hello guys,
i have a simple problem, i just converted a simple textured 3d cube code into tessellation and i am getting only cube, texture doesn’t show,
texture binding is good and loaded the texture into shaders,

here are the shaders,
thanks in advance


#version 420

in vec3 position;
in vec2 texturecoord;

out vec2 texCoord;
out vec4 vposition;

uniform mat4 ftm;

void main()
	vposition = ftm*vec4(position, 1.0f);


#version 420 
layout (vertices = 4) out;
in vec2 texCoord[];
in vec4 vposition[];

out vec2 tcCoords[];
out vec4 tcposition[];

void main()
gl_TessLevelOuter[0] = 3.0;
gl_TessLevelOuter[1] = 3.0;
gl_TessLevelOuter[2] = 3.0;
gl_TessLevelOuter[3] = 3.0;
gl_TessLevelInner[0] = 3.0;
gl_TessLevelInner[1] = 3.0;
// and then set tessellation levels
tcposition[gl_InvocationID] = vposition[gl_InvocationID];


#version 420 
layout (quads, equal_spacing, ccw) in;
in vec2 tcCoords[];
in vec4 tcposition[];

out vec2 texCoord0;

void main()
	vec4 a0 = mix(tcposition[0], tcposition[3],gl_TessCoord.x);
	vec4 a1 = mix(tcposition[1], tcposition[2],gl_TessCoord.x);
	gl_Position = mix(a0,a1,gl_TessCoord.y);	
	vec2 t0 = mix(tcCoords[0], tcCoords[3],gl_TessCoord.x);
	vec2 t1 = mix(tcCoords[1], tcCoords[2],gl_TessCoord.x);
	vec2 texCoord0 = mix(t0,t1,gl_TessCoord.y);

fragment shader

#version 420

in vec2 texCoord0;
out vec4 color;

uniform sampler2D sampler;

void main()
	color = texture(sampler, texCoord0);