on current state of textangents and texbinormals


is there any happy OpenCollada user who can confirm that current textangent support is ok/works for him/can be used to import bump mapped model?

I sent several patches to OpenCollada few years ago, but then something else made me busy and I never posted the last few patches, most notably working textangent/texbinormal support.
Today I got back to OpenCollada and I found that it already has https://github.com/KhronosGroup/OpenCOLLADA/commit/f70cae7c6c8781d14a161e3f629fb6f9e29ebf9e (“Tangent and binormals” from 2012-09-10).
I tried to use it, but somehow I did not yet manage to import textangents with it. After quick look into the code, I found some inconsistencies, it seems to mix TANGENT and TEXTANGENT as if it is the same. But maybe I’m just not using it correctly, I don’t know.

My implementation still works and I keep using it, I’m asking just to find out if others are interested in it or if crazyjul’s patch linked above is good.