[OMX-IL] Buffer handling


I am trying to implement an OpenMAX component that uses some hardware as efficiently as possible. One aspect of the hardware is that you specify a number of buffers that can be used for the output frame data, and only after performing a decode operation do you know which one of the buffers contains the output.

I think it is fine to get the Client to allocate & use the buffers associated with the output frames, however is it ok for the component to call FillBufferDone in any order (assuming that we can’t write to the buffer again until it has been returned to the componet with a FillThisBuffer)?

I can’t find anything in the spec that says this is not allowed, but can anyone forsee any problems with this?


Yes, you are free to return buffers that you currently own in any order. You are correct that you can only write to a buffer that you own.



Thanks Roger, much appreciated.