Omni-directional shadow mapping & deferred shading

for omni-directional shadow mapping, i had used the vertex position in world space to calculate the direction vector for textureCube(). now with deferred shading, all i’ve got left is the vertex position in camera space. i thought it’d be no problem if i pass the light’s position in camera space as well, but the camera’s orientation seems to interfere. any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Use the the inverse of gl_NormalMatrix could be used to project the direction from the modelviewspace into worldspace.

Because there is no gl_NormalMatrixTranspose you should use something like that:

vec3 lightdir_ws = mat3(gl_ModelViewMatrixTranspose[0].xyz,gl_ModelViewMatrixTranspose[1].xyz,gl_ModelViewMatrixTranspose[2].xyz) * lightdir;

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