old games on new nvidia Geforce4 mx440 pci

Thought id try and inject some life into my old Amd k6 400 (184mb ram)

Whipped out my old Voodoo 3 3000 pci card
replaced with Geforce 4 mx 440 pci card with
a view to improving the refresh rates on some old games (Need for speed road challenge etc)

I was a bit surprised when most of my games
would either not run or with no improvement.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Need for Speed: Road Challenge is a really old SVGA game.

These old games were more CPU dependent than video card dependent and use ABSOLUTELY NONE of the advanced features in your newer G4 MX.

I would suggest trying a newer game but I doubt your system would handle it.

So you’re kind of in a catch-22. In order to see speed gains, you need to play more modern games. But your speed gains will be negated by a need for a modern CPU… and I’m guessing… operating system.